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Tawus bin Kaysan طاوس - Some possible chains to Companions

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Possible Chains found: 12

Possible Chains with 2 narrators: 12

Tawus bin Kaysan——»ibn Abbas
Tawus bin Kaysan——»ibn Umar
Tawus bin Kaysan——»'Abdullah bin 'Amr bin al-'Aas
Tawus bin Kaysan——»'Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr
Tawus bin Kaysan——»Abu Hurairah
Tawus bin Kaysan——»'Aisha bint Abi Bakr
Tawus bin Kaysan——»Zayd ibn Thabit
Tawus bin Kaysan——»Zayd bin Arqam
Tawus bin Kaysan——»Suraqa bin Malik
Tawus bin Kaysan——»Safwan bin Umayyah
Tawus bin Kaysan——»'Abdullah ibn Shaddad
Tawus bin Kaysan——»Jabir ibn 'Abdullah
Possible Chains with 3 narrators: 0

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