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Ummul Hasan bint al-Zubayr
Scholar:10515 - Ummul Hasan bint al-Zubayr Follower(Tabi')
Full Name:Ummul Hasan bint al-Zubayr
Parents:Zubayr ibn al-Awwam / Asma' bint Abi Bakr
Siblings: 'Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr, al-Mundhir bin al-Zubayr, 'Urwa ibn al-Zubayr, ''Asim ibn al-Zubayr, al-Muhajir ibn al-Zubayr, Khadija al-Kubra bint al-Zubayr, 'Aisha bint al-Zubayr
Birth Date/Place: (Medinah)
Death Date/Place: (Medinah)[ Natural ]
Places of Stay: Medinah
Area of Interest:Narrator[Grade:No Doubt] , Fiqh
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Last Updated:2009-04-16
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