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'Abdullah bin 'Abdur Rahman عبد الله بن عبد الرحمن بن عوف الزهرى
Scholar:10565 - 'Abdullah bin 'Abdur Rahman Follower(Tabi')
Full Name:'Abdullah bin 'Abdur Rahman b. 'Awf b. 'Abd 'Awf b. 'Abd b. al-Harith b. Zuhrah b. Kilab
Parents:'Abdur Rahman Ibn 'Awf / bint Abi al-Husain of B. 'Abdul Ashhal (Ansar)
Birth Date/Place: (Medinah)
Death Date/Place: ~90 AH/709 CE (Africa)[ Natural ]
Places of Stay: Medina
Area of Interest:
Tags :Quraish, B.Zuhrah
Analysis:[] [Family Tree 2] [Student List]
Brief Biography:
He was killed on the day of conquest of Africa.
Last Updated:2010-02-20
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