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al-Harith bin Sufyan ( الحارث بن سفيان بن عبد الأسد المخزوم ( رضي الله عنه
Scholar:2045 - al-Harith bin Sufyan Comp.(RA)
Full Name:al-Harith bin Sufyan bin 'Abd al-Asad bin Hilal b. 'Abdullah b. 'Umar b. Makhzum b. Yaqazah
Siblings: Habbar bin Sufyan, 'Abdullah bin Sufyan, al-Aswad bin Sufyan, Abu Salma bin Sufyan, 'Umar bin Sufyan, 'Abdur Rahman bin Sufyan, Mu'awiya bin Sufyan
Birth Date/Place: (Makkah)
Death Date/Place: (Hijaz)[ Natural ]
Places of Stay: Makkah/Medinah
Area of Interest:Recitation/Quran
Narrated From:
Muhammad (saw),
Tags :Quraish, B.Makhzum, Late Muslim
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Brief Biography:
According to some sources his father was killed before the battle of Badr as a disbeliever.
Last Updated:2010-02-16
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