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'Awn bin 'Umays ( عون بن عميس بن معد ( رضي الله عنه
Scholar:3019 - 'Awn bin 'Umays Comp.(RA)
Full Name:'Awn bin 'Umays bin Ma'bad(Ma'd b. Tamim) b. al-Harith b. Ka'b b. Malik al-khath'miya
Parents:'Umays ibn Ma'ad / Hind bint Awf
Siblings: Salma bint 'Umays, Asma bint 'Umays, Salamah bint Umays
Birth Date/Place: (Makkah)
Death Date/Place: 63 AH/683 CE (Medinah)[ Killed(al-Harrah) ]
Places of Stay: Makkah/Medina
Area of Interest:Recitation/Quran
Narrated From:
Muhammad (saw),
Tags :Non-Quraish, Early Muslim, Emigrant
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Brief Biography:
He was about 100 years old when killed.
Last Updated:2010-01-14
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